Research & Development Centre Ltd is actvely involved in R&D in the Physiotherapy world.

below are the current research projects, please get in touch if you would llike to know more or if you would like to  collaberate with one of our projects.


1. Development of an algorithm to aid diagnosis in patients with discogenic low back pain using non marker 3D motion capture in the clinical setting – do specific lumbar spine pathologies exhibit specific movement patterns?

Can 3D motion signatures predict active MRI confirmed lumbar disc pathology


2. Direct needle neuromuscular stimulation of lumbar multifidus muscles in patients with chronic low back pain -  a pilot study to assess impact on pain relief


3. High dose ultrasound therapy for facet joint arthropathy in patients with low back pain. Comparing Mcgill Method rehabilitation with Mcgill Method rehabilitation plus therapeutic ultrasound in patients with lumbar extension intolerance   


We have a lecture theatre and seminar rooms all fully equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

The centre also boasts superfast FREE WiFi and we have on site catering for full day courses.